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Sunday Gatherings at First


We are focused on being a church which doesn’t live in the past but looks to it, lives in the present, and moves to the future. Part of this thinking is in our approach to our Sunday morning gatherings.

We offer two different Sunday morning gatherings, with two different styles, as an option for people and families who are looking for a connection to God and to others in community worship which reflects their personal choices of how to connect with others and with God. Both these gatherings meet at 10:30am and are located in different areas of our building.

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What is the Contemporary Gathering like?

Our contemporary gathering has a very relaxed feel to it. When you enter the room you can grab a coffee, tea, other drink, and a simple snack at our Cafe (of course everything is free of charge). From there you can choose to sit at one of our cafe tables or in one of our rows of padded seats.

  • Come dressed up or dressed down. Whatever makes you comfortable. Most people will be in relaxed, casual clothing.

  • What happens at our Contemporary Gathering can change from week to week but usually includes worship, learning from God’s Word, and sharing in our individual and community journey together. Sometimes things are simple. Other times we get a little more creative. Sometimes the room is set up normally. Other times it’s all changed up. Sometimes we might sing more. Other times we might sing very little.

  • It’s a flexible and change-oriented gathering with the key focus being on community with God and community with each other.

  • Once a month, usually on the last Sunday of the month, our Contemporary Gathering include a “Stay & Chat” lunch time. Pot-luck style but don’t let that stop you from staying if you can’t bring anything. Stay for 10minutes or stay for an hour.

Where is it located?

The Contemporary Gathering is held in our gym - located in what we call our C.E. Building (Christian Education Building). One of our Connection Team members will be happy to welcome you and guide you there.

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What is the Traditional Gathering like?

Our Traditional Gathering (aka Service) has the warmth and structure of the past and present combined years of traditional-style worship.

  • When you enter our Traditional Gathering you will be in our one-hundred plus year old 700 seat Sanctuary with it’s beautiful wood architecture, stunning stained glass windows, wooden pews, and gorgeous sounding Casavant pipe organ. Find a seat. Our wooden pews are actually quite comfortable - we promise.

  • Our Traditional Gathering (aka Service) includes our thirty-plus voice Sanctuary Choir, organ, piano, our handbell choir at various times, and other expressions of Traditional music.

  • It is a service structure which follows the past traditions of worship while providing the warmth and welcome of our church community.

  • Our Connection Centre (aka Vestry) also serves as a gathering, chat, and refreshment area prior to the beginning of worship. Join us there before you make your way to the Sanctuary!

  • At various times throughout the year our Contemporary & Traditional Gatherings come together in the Sanctuary for a Combined Worship event. The combination of Traditional and Contemporary create a unique and different experience for both.


The Traditional Gathering is located in our Sanctuary just off of our main Queen Street entrance. Connection Team members or one of our Traditional Greeters will be happy to welcome you and guide you there.

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Sunday morning “FirstKids” provides age appropriate groups and activities for babies & toddlers straight through to Grades 4 and 5. Kids are also welcomed to stay in either of our Sunday morning gatherings, if you choose.

Our Contemporary Gathering also has a “Kids Corner” located in the back of our gathering area where parents can take their babies and toddlers for a bit of activity, if you prefer to have them in the room with you instead of in our nursery (Welcome Circle). There are even a few comfortable rockers for you.


“FirstKids” groups start at 10:30am. Parents can register and drop their children off directly to the proper “FirstKids” room. One of our “Connection Team” members will be happy to help you find your way to those rooms.

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Need Help in the building?

Look for someone wearing a red lanyard with our “Connect: Next Steps” logo on it. They are located at two of our main entrances (Sanctuary main entrance and our CE/gym entrance), our Connection Kiosk (Connection Centre/Vestry), and throughout the building. Team members will be happy to guide you and help you find your way.