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 First Moncton is a multi-national, multi-cultural church.

We recognize that Greater Moncton has been growing and that an exciting part of that growth has been through the many people and families who are making their way to the area from all over the world.


Our church vision includes the goal for First Moncton to be “a church where people from all ethnicities” are welcomed, engaged, and involved. “Internationals at First” is a growing part of that vision.


What is “Internationals at First”?

No matter what part of the world you are from, we want you to feel welcome, and to be able to clearly see the pathways of involvement in our community at First Moncton. We also want to celebrate the multi-cultural nature of who we all are!


“Internationals at First” includes everything from…

  • international focused events for everyone

  • opportunities to serve in our church

  • opportunities to be a part of our vision by sharing the experiences of your cultural journey in Christ and helping us to bring those lessons and experiences into the thinking and ministry of our church

  • ever-growing opportunities of involvement, connection, and growth as a part of our community