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 What are “Spiritual Growth Options” (SGOs)?

“Spiritual Growth Options”, or SGOs, specifically refer to our Sunday morning growth groups but also work alongside the weekly small groups, and various pop-up groups we offer to help people on their journey of faith and to connect with others on that journey.

There are Spiritual Growth Options and other faith-growth opportunities for children, youth, and adults.


Growth Options

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Sunday morning Spiritual Growth Options (“SGOs”) are our Sunday morning extras that take place from 9:15am to 10:15am for 7 week periods throughout the year. A variety of different options are offered for adults.

Adult Bible Class

The Adult Bible Class meets at 9:15am on Sunday mornings in our Church Parlour. The main focus of this class…well..straight into the study of Scripture!

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A growth opportunity for parents! The children can simply play away in the same room while parents gather to take some time to get into God’s Word. It’s a simple kinda of thing aimed at making it simpler for parents to attend.