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What is “FirstKids”?

FirstKids is about life and faith at all ages. FirstKids is about connecting - connecting children to God, to each other, and to the life example of the adults around them. FirstKids is about fun and learning. FirstKids is age appropriate for all.

We have amazing leaders who serve in our FirstKids environments. Everyone on the team has gone through background checks, training, and has a heart and love for seeing children learn about God and life in Him.



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Our Welcome Circle ministry for Babies and Toddlers, is just that…a Welcoming Circle of Caregivers who not only help to give our Smallest Ones happy, loving impressions of Jesus and the church but care for their parents in lots of supportive ways too!  During their time with Babies and Toddlers, Welcome Circle Caregivers use simple songs and prayers, natural conversation and play to teach:

Church Is a Happy Place to be

Church Is a Family for My Family

Jesus Loves Me

God Made Me


Preschool Children (ages 3-4) can be some of  Jesus’ most enthusiastic Followers!  Their little hearts brim with love of Him and their little minds are filled with awe or wonder over all He is, all He has created. Borrowing the name from the children themselves, we call our Sunday morning pre-school ministry Wonder and use Gospel Light’s Pre-school curriculum to teach:

God Made Everything

Jesus Is My best Friend

I Can Talk with God Anywhere, Anytime, about Anything

The Bible Is God’s Special Book

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Because our FirstKids learning goals follow a progressive continuum of spiritual development consistent with their cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth, our ministry to children in Early Elementary School (Grades K-Grade Three) helps them discover God and His ways through their growing relationships with Him and others. We call this exciting FirstKids ministry Discover and use Young Children and Worship curriculum to help children experience God and learn:

Giving Is God’s Way

Treat Others The Way I Like To Be Treated

I Can Trust God

Obedience is Best


Our “Trail” of Spiritual Development Goals leads us to Pre-Teen Kids (Grades 4&5).  We call our ministry with Pre-teens Launch; aiming to launch kids this age:

Into their own daily quiet time

Into serving God by serving Others

Into adolescence

Into a personal relationship with Jesus

We use topical Bible Studies from and a variety of shared experiences to introduce kids to God’s purposes for their lives.

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On Wednesdays, First Moncton teams up with New Life Mission to introduce children in the downtown core to Jesus and His love. Late afternoon, the New Life Team provides after school fun, friendship, and Bible Learning at First.  We eat supper together at 5:30 p.m. and then, from 6:00 p.m.- 7:20 p.m. a dedicated and loving Team of FirstKids Volunteers lead Powerhouse. Our Powerhouse ministry for kids is packed with exciting Bible Stories, small group Bible learning activities, games, crafts, special guests and even events for the whole family!  Powerhouse follows Group’s Dig-In curriculum and is open to all kids K-Grade 5.