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The motto of our youth team is, “We are family!”

Families experience life together. Families go through the good times and the hard times. Families, believe it or not, even learn together. And, families have fun together. That’s our youth ministry in a nutshell.

In both our Middle School and High School Youth Ministries we want youth to feel connected to each other, connected to the adult youth leaders who are there to help, guide, and support them, and connected with God as they learn about what He means to their lives and to the world around them.


 Sundays 6-8pm


Both the Middle School Youth and High School Youth are together to start with for a bit of fun and a short faith learning time. After that it’s “divide and conquer!” After the together time we divide into groups for Middle School and groups for High School. So, if your younger brother or sister is there with you, this is the time you get to stop hanging out with each other (whether that’s good or bad is up to you and your sibling relationship).


Most of the time our events are at the church…but…sometimes we go other places. Don’t worry, everyone will know where we’re going, including parents. Not to mention, most of the time we bring everyone back! We’re kidding, only some of the time we do. We’re kidding, again, we come back with the same amount of people that went out with us in the first place!

Did we mention…SNACKS!


Right now, our faith-growth focus for youth is called “The Core.” It’s designed to help youth grow deep roots of faith as they carry that faith into all the parts of their life.