Westmorland-Kent Baptist Association

The Westmorland-Kent Baptist Association is an association of local Baptist churches primarily located in the Westmorland and Kent counties of New Brunswick. It is one of 21 Associations that are part of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC). In order for a church to be a member of CBAC, it must also be a member of a local Association that is associated with CBAC. The eight associations of New Brunswick include:

  • Saint John-Kings Association
  • Southwestern Association
  • Westmorland-Kent Baptist Association
  • Miramichi-North Shore Association

The associations enable churches to work together to share in ministry and provide ministry support for their local area. Associations grant Association licenses to minister to people who are experiencing the call of God on their life and are seeking recognition by a larger group of churches, rather than only the home church. The Association appoints persons to a Council who interview and determine the appropriateness of the candidate for ministry as a lay pastor, or as a non-ordained pastor. Persons who are seeking ordination through the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada must first hold an Association license.

The Pastors’ Prayer Summit is an annual three-day retreat held at Camp Wildwood, a time of sharing, study and prayer for pastors sponsored by the Westmorland-Kent Association. Pastors value this time with their peers to not only learn about the ministries of the churches of the association, but also as a time of refreshment and ministering to each other.

The Association also holds events such as the Spring Rally which includes times of worship and fellowship and provides time for the annual business meeting of the Association. From time to time the Association holds various workshops and other training sessions on topics of interest to members in areas such as Christian Education, church finances, ushering and other relevant topics.

The Association, in cooperation with the Albert County Association, maintains a part-time chaplaincy ministry with the two city hospitals in Moncton. The Chaplaincy is fully funded by these two Associations. The Chaplain visits persons who are from outside of the region who identify themselves as Baptists, but for whom it is unlikely that someone from their home church will travel to visit with them. The Chaplain also visits persons at the request of local churches who are without a pastor, whose pastor is on vacation, or for other reasons.

Camp Wildwood, located in the Westmorland-Kent Baptist Association area, is owned and operated by three associations and their churches, including the Westmorland-Kent, Albert, and Miramichi-North Shore Associations. The camp plays an important role in the ministry of local churches and is used for Association events.