Fundraising Initiatives, New Orleans Mission Tour 2016

To reduce the cost of Mission Tour for each participant, the youth are fundraising both inside and outside of the church. The specific fundraising initiatives include Team 3:16, the sale of garbage bags, and a Youth Auction event. Any surplus funds will be placed into a mission tour trust fund for future use.

Team 3:16

More than just a fundraiser, Team 3:16 is a youth group sponsorship opportunity. The goal is to have at least 50 persons commit to prayer and minimal financial support of the Mission Tour participants over a six-month time period. Supporters will give $3.16 every week for six months, or a one time gift if desired. The weekly cost is less than three coffees per week, and would help support the youth and Mission Tour budget. Supporters will receive monthly updates about youth ministries and the preparation for Mission Tour, and will be invited to Team 3:16 meetings to celebrate what Jesus is doing through their gifts and support to First Baptist Youth. Most importantly, supporters will have the ongoing role of prayer for the group as they prepare for the tour and while they are away on the Mission Tour.

Garbage Bags

The youth will be selling garbage bags year round to help support their mission trips. Packages include 30 - 26" x 36" blue bags or 30 - 20" x 22" green bags for $10 per package. Garbage bags are available from youth on Sundays or Pastor Andy throughout the week.

Youth Auction

The youth will be holding a talent and dessert auction on April 23rd. The talent auction is a silent auction and dinner where bids are placed on many different talents from people within the church family who have volunteered of their gift and time. Talents are needed! They could include providing a dinner for 2, 4, or 6 persons, teaching a guitar lesson, shoveling snow or moving wood, babysitting, teaching knitting or providing a knitted item as possible examples. If you would like to help, please sign-up on the sheet in the Church Vestry or contact the church office.