Learning to follow Jesus and growing to be like Him is a progression or journey that can begin at birth and continue for a lifetime. THE TRAIL is a visual depiction of that spiritual journey.

THE TRAIL is divided into sections by age group and lists spiritual concepts or practices suitable for that particular age group. When individuals begin a faith walk later in life, they are taught the initial spiritual concepts as a foundation for all that is to follow. The learning goals of THE TRAIL are intended to be cumulative; the participants add to their spiritual understanding and practices as they mature.

THE TRAIL is a resource for individuals, parents and churches. Individuals can refer to THE TRAIL to track their own growth and development. Parents can use THE TRAIL to design spiritual nurture for their children at home. At First Baptist Moncton, THE TRAIL is used to provide the goals for every ministry, and it is embraced as a guide for connecting people’s spiritual hunger to the God who satisfies that hunger.

IGNITE is First Baptist Moncton’s toolbox for nurturing the spiritual disciplines, helping individuals be intentional about their spiritual growth.

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