A parent is happy when their child is happy, and sending your child off to daycare for the first time can be a bit stressful. We were so happy and relieved that our daughter loved Miracles right away. Even on the weekends she would run from the breakfast table to the door and put on her shoes so she could go to Daycare!  – Nadine Grill

After another daycare took our deposit and then cancelled on us a few weeks before our son was supposed to begin daycare, we were in a very tough spot. Miracles at First not only had a license for infants and a spot available for our son, it has been a dream come true! Their facilities are so clean and so amazing (full sized gym?!?!) but it’s the characters that work there that make it a pleasure to drop our son off in the morning. At the end of the day we know that when we pick him up, he’s had the closest thing to family he can get. They’re very attentive and accommodating while being by-the-book when it comes to healthcare policies. In addition to this, it costs way less than competing daycares! I can’t thank them enough on behalf of my wife and I. – Dan Cox

Over the first 5 years of my son’s life, he has seen 4 day care facilities and Miracles has been the only center that he genuinely loves going to.  I’ve seen resistance, sadness and a large range of emotion going into other facilities each morning however he shows excitement and enthusiasm for Miracles each and every morning.
The staff really cares about our kids and do more than just watch our kids; they teach, play and grow with them.  
I’m so happy to have my son as part of this group and I know the tools he’s getting from their care will help him in the next stage of his life. – Greg Broudreau

 I feel so fortunate to have been told about Miracles at First.  I work downtown Moncton and Miracles is conveniently located less than a minute away.  I was very nervous and scared going to work after my maternity leave, as I was hesitant about leaving my son with strangers.  But from day one, he was greeted with open arms, and has been happy with his Miracles family for the past 3 and a half years.  It was so comforting to know that my son was in great hands every day, and he was always playing and happy when I arrived to pick him up.  Some days he even wanted to stay at daycare as he was having too much fun!  
My son is now moving on to kindergarten and it’s hard to say goodbye to such an awesome daycare.  My son has grown and learned so much with a great group of teachers at Miracles. 
Thank you, and if I ever have to do again, Miracles at First will be my first call. – Tammy & Jason O’Connor

All of the great staff at Miracles at First, have made a large difference in Breagha’s upbringing. Each one of the educators are just as excited as I am to see her reach goals and developmental milestones. I feel so fortunate to have found a “home away from home” for my daughter. – Cindy Tobin


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