Special Services

First Baptist Moncton has many special worship services throughout the year. The services offer meaningful worship at Easter and Christmas, or focus on other aspects of church life. Whatever the focus, these services provide inspiration through special music and messages based on the Word of God through contemporary worship or traditional worship. Upcoming dates for special services will be promoted on the homepage.

Easter Worship Services

Palm Sunday Service
The service commemorate the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem when palm branches were placed in His path, before His arrest and crucifixion.

Maundy Thursday Service
Relive the night before Good Friday, on which Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples. The serving of Communion is a central part of this service.

Good Friday Service
A time of reflection at the foot of the cross, the events of the day of Christ’s crucifixion are looked at through beautiful anthems and familiar arrangements as presented by the Sanctuary Choir.

Easter Sunday Sunrise Service
Normally held at the Riverview Gazebo, this thirty minute outdoor service brings all of the elements of worship together as the sun rises on Easter morning.

Easter Sunday Services
These joyous services celebrate the risen Christ in word and music, through contemporary worship with the elements of “The Bridge” and through choirs, organ and handbells in traditional worship.

Christmas Worship Services

Hanging of the Greens
The church sanctuary is decorated with greens and the Christmas tree lit as the meanings of these traditions are presented through readings.

Blue Christmas Service
Christmas can be a difficult season for some. This service provides space to bring sadness to God for those suffering loss and all who attend in support.

Candlelight Service
A First Baptist Moncton Tradition and the highlight of the Christmas season, the Christmas message is presented through the music of choirs and instrumentalists as lit by candlelight.

Christmas Eve Service
During this brief family-oriented service, the Christmas story is retold with the children attending sitting near the Christmas tree.

Christmas Sunday Service
Experience the joy of Christmas with the Worship Band and the use of multimedia in contemporary worship and with choirs, organ and handbells in traditional worship.

Anniversary Service
Children’s Service
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day

Earth Day
Graduation Service
Youth Service

World Day of Prayer
Music for Missions
Remembrance Day