Starting a Quiet Time

Do you know what a Daily Quiet Time is? Do you realize how vital a Daily Quiet Time is to spiritual health and vitality? Is a Daily Quiet Time an important part of your routine? Here at First Baptist we are making 2016 the “Year of the Daily Quiet Time.” Throughout the year resources will be available to help and encourage you in this important endeavour. Our prayer is that you will come to church each Sunday and learn about this vitally important but, sadly, too often neglected spiritual discipline.If there is a single practice than can take your spiritual growth to the next level it is spending time with the Lord on a daily basis. A quiet time should include Scripture reading, reflection and prayer. It is not so important how much time is spent in a quiet time or the choice of devotional aids, but rather that it becomes a daily habit.

Keeping a daily record can help you reflect on the Scripture you use in your daily time alone with the Lord. Copies of the IGNITE tool, “My Quiet Time Record” can be downloaded here. This helpful resource can help you reflect on the Scripture you use in your daily time alone with the Lord. It can be completed in four easy steps:

  • First you fill in the date.

  • Next you write in the Scripture reference for the piece of Scripture you underlined.

  • Then, you write out that verse or a phrase from it.

  • Finally, you write your reflection on the piece of Scripture you noted and share these thoughts with the Lord during your prayer time.

Make a little time in your day to start your own quiet time. You will be blessed and will grow in your spiritual life! Begin the year with us as we focus on a Daily Quiet Time!



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Starting a Quiet Time




Quiet Time Resources

My Quiet Time Record – PDF
How to Start a Quiet Time – PDF
Tending the Flame – PDF
How to Pray – PDF

Daily devotionals are available on this website here.

Our Daily Bread devotionals are available are various locations in the church building.


Sermons Online

Video recordings of recent sermons are available on the First Baptist Moncton YouTube Channel.