Eloise Bannister

Parish Nurse

Eloise is a native of Elgin where she graduated from Elgin Rural High School. Following graduation she enrolled in the Saint John General Hospital School of Nursing and completed the requirements as a Registered Nurse. She married Delbert in the fall of 1966 while he was a student in Bible School and when he enrolled at Acadia Divinity College she worked at several hospitals in Nova Scotia.In addition to being a Pastor’s wife, Organist and Junior Choir Leader she continued her nursing career and studies, and graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Nursing in 1993. Over the past 45 years she has worked in hospitals, nursing homes and with the Victorian Order of Nurses in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Eloise always carried out her duties as a Nurse based on her faith, but when a training program was offered in Parish Nursing she enrolled at Concordia University College of Alberta where she earned a Diploma in Parish Nursing. She was one of the original class in the New Brunswick Association of Parish Nursing Program, where she earned a second Diploma in Parish Nursing. She also holds a Diploma in Lay Leadership from Acadia Divinity College.

Eloise worked as a Parish Nurse for seven years on staff at Highfield Baptist Church in Moncton, and retired in 2012. In retirement she teaches Community Nursing on a part-time basis at the University of New Brunswick School of Nursing in Moncton. Eloise is happy to be able to share her love for people and her experience with the congregation of First Baptist Moncton in Parish Nursing in a volunteer capacity.

Eloise enjoys travelling with Delbert and sharing hospitality in their home in her old family homestead in Elgin. Eloise and Delbert have two children and two grandchildren Megan and Dylan who add much to their lives.