canadian baptists of Atlantic canada

Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC) is a ministry partnership of more than 460 Canadian Baptist churches and 21 Associations in the Atlantic Provinces. It is committed to help churches grow passionate disciples. Their role is to resource pastors, churches and people, and to facilitate shared mission on behalf of churches.

The CBAC consists of member churches that have joined together for fellowship, cooperative ministry and mission. Its ministries, facilities and resources are owned by the member churches. Ministries and tasks are carried out through a number of Boards, most of which are incorporated bodies.

The churches and Associations of CBAC own and operate fifteen camps. Six of the camps are located in New Brunswick and include: Camp Tulakadik, Camp Shiktehawk, Camp Wegesegum, Camp Wildwood, Edith Lank Memorial Christian Camp, and Green Hill Lake Camp. Camps are an important part of ministry and are thriving with better facilities, better programs and larger staffs than any time in the past.

CBAC organizations include:

  • Acadia Divinity College – Prepares Christian leaders for full-time and volunteer ministry in Canada and the world, part of Acadia University.

  • Atlantic Baptist Foundation – Provides financial services for members and adherents of Churches, Agencies, and Council of CBAC.

  • Atlantic Baptist Mission Board – Provides guiding vision and leadership to CBAC in the areas of evangelism, church planting, intercultural ministries, and other mission endeavours.

  • Atlantic Baptist Housing – Plans, constructs, establishes, maintains, and operates accommodations for seniors.

  • Crandall University – Offers a liberal arts education devoted to the Christian faith.

  • Pension and Insurance Board – Administers retirement and insurance plans for those who qualify under the Regulations of the Board.

The Youth and Family Ministries Department works to strengthen churches of CBAC by assisting them in ministering effectively to youth, young adults and families. They offer several resources and events for youth, young adults, and families, as well as training for leaders. Some of these regular events include Springforth, Tidal Impact, and Island Adventure Mission Tour.

CBAC is affiliated with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, the national association of evangelical Christians in Canada, and the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, which provide resources for the support and leadership functions of Christian charities.