Hickory Hollow Series

Review by Margaret MacQuade

Have you ever visited Hickory Hollow in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania? Beverly Lewis, in her newest series of “Home to Hickory Hollow” tells of life in an Amish community. Your heart and imagination will be stirred and engaged as you follow the residents of this small community.

As usual, as in any small community, babies are born; folks die; young people want to spread their wings and leave their surroundings – some never to return.

Hickory Hollow is the same, but different! Their Bishop, John Beiler, is the leader of this Old Order Amish community. He is quite unbending as he strives to keep his flock on the right path and enforces the policy of shunning as a punishment as well as a warning to others. You will also meet a “Fiddler”, a “Bridesmaid”, a “Guardian”, and a “Secret Keeper” among the relatives and friends.

You will come to appreciate the Plain and Simple life of these hard-working, God-fearing folks who crave peace and tranquility among their neighbours and who shun the busyness of the world outside Hickory Hollow.

I have read quite a few books of Amish life and culture, including some by Beverly Lewis, but I do not hesitate to say that this series is my favourite. I hope you will enjoy reading this series as well.

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