A Change of Heart

Review by Rev. Delbert Bannister

This is book 5 in a series of 6 in the Harmony Series written by Phillip Gulley. Gulley is a Quaker Minister and writes in the style of Jan Karon, author of the Mitford Series. Gulley has created a cast of characters in a town he has called Harmony where Sam Gardner grew up and after completing seminary and several pastorates, he returns home to become the minister of the Harmony Friends Quaker Meeting. He carries most of the characters throughout the 6 books and they have a way of reminding me of people I have met along the road of my ministry. One particular character, Dale Hinshaw, is all the things every minister dreads, but Gulley has a way of making even Dale a valuable part of the kingdom work.

The setting is country and many of the people are farmers. Gulley comes up with sayings and expressions that will make you laugh out loud. In A Change of Heart, Sam is in his 5th year in Harmony and struggles with a people who seem almost unmovable but whose hearts always end up in the right place.

I have now read the complete series and would suggest that it would be best to begin reading at book one entitled Home to Harmony.

If you like the style of Jan Karon and Garrison Keillor then you will like Gulley.

Gulley, Phillip (2005), A Change of Heart. Harper One. 247 pages.