Atlantic Baptist Women

The United Baptist Women’s Missionary Union (UBWMU), also known as Atlantic Baptist Women serves as a support organization of Women’s Missionary Societies in Atlantic Canada. The objective of the Union is to engage the efforts of Christian women in evangelism and to support foreign and local missions including the programs of Canadian Baptist Ministries and the Global Field Staff, and to extend the cause of missions through prayer and other means.

The Union began in 1870 when a woman missionary with the Maritime Baptist Foreign Mission Board appealed to the women of churches to raise funds for the support of her appointment to Burma. She organized thirty-three Women’s Missionary Societies in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia which were the beginnings of the United Baptist Women’s Missionary Union.

The UBWMU is affiliated globally with the Baptist World Alliance Women’s Department, and with the North American Baptist Women’s Union (NABWU), one of the seven continental unions that make up the Baptist World Alliance, Women’s Department. The UBWMU is one of the seventeen women’s unions that make up the NABWU, and one of four organizations that form the Canadian Baptist Women’s Committee. This Committee also includes the Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and QuebecWomen in Focus, (part of the Union of Canadian Baptists of Western Canada) and the Baptist women from l’Union d’Églises baptistes francophones du Canada.

There are over 300 women’s groups throughout the Atlantic Provinces who meet together each month to pray, study the Bible and learn to take part in local and global mission opportunities. They support missions, lead children’s ministries, read books on the suggested Reading Course list, participate in short-term mission trips and attend the annual convention. Each year they participate in the Great Canadian Women’s Bible Study and in a joint mission project. Baptist Women around the world are united by participating in the Baptist Women’s Day of Prayer held on the first Monday in November each year.

The Union is composed of:

  • Little Lights – a preschool ministry
  • Global Adventures – mission education for Children’s ministries, ages 6 to 11
  • World Wide Guild – mission groups for young women
  • Woman’s Missionary Societies – mission groups for women

Within the Atlantic Provinces, Atlantic Baptist Women support more than twenty programs and projects, including:

  • Hospital Chaplaincy (Halifax)
  • Hospital Chaplaincy (Saint John)
  • Institute of Pastoral Training
  • Acadia Divinity College
  • Crandall University
  • New Life Mission
  • 7 Pregnancy Resource Centres
  • Atlantic Baptist Mission Board
  • Summer Ministries (Camps & DVBS)
  • Union of French Baptist Churches
  • Metro Community Chaplaincy (Halifax)
  • Newfoundland & Labrador Assoc. Project
  • Christian Action Federation of NB
  • Community Chaplaincy (Moncton)
  • Coverdale Centers

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Monthly Prayer Calendar

Each month the Atlantic Baptist Women publishes a Prayer Calendar on their website, listing prayer items, local and global missions, and the ministry programs and projects they support within the Atlantic Provinces. View the Prayer Calendar.


UBWMU/ABW Monthly Newsletter

The Atlantic Baptist Women distribute a monthly newsletter available through their website. 


Tidings Magazine

The official publication of the UBWMU is “Tidings”.  It serves as a resource for those interested in local and global missions. Subscription information is available on the Atlantic Baptist Women website.