An Invitation to Connect with us!

If you’re new to First Baptist, Welcome! We’re delighted that you are here! We invite you to connect with us by helping us make a further connection with you! Please use the Connection Card in the bulletin to record your contact information. Then, after the worship service, visit our Connection Centre in the lobby. At the Connection Centre, one of our friendly volunteers will help you exchange your contact information for a “thank-you/welcome” gift. We’d especially like to have your email address and/or phone number so we can check with you to see if you have any questions about our ministries at “First”. We’d like to be an ongoing blessing in your life!

ARE YOU FASTING OR READING the Bible or are you using the Quiet Time guide? We would be interested to hear how God is blessing you. Please email us at –

QUESTIONS: If you have questions when reading the Bible please email –

FREE WIFI: We have free wifi at First Baptist! You may log on to our guest network “FBC Guest” with password “firstmoncton".

Check email and church website for notice about cancellations

Winter is fast approaching, and with that comes snow. If a storm is forecast to hit on a Sunday, please check your email and our website for information about cancelled services.

The 2018 Envelopes are available in the vestry

The 2018 offering envelopes are in the vestry for pick up. If you have not had a set in the past and would like one, contact the church office.  First Baptist also offers an Automatic Bank Withdrawal option and now the new Push Pay internet option.

would you like a home visit from one on the visitation ministry team

If you or anyone in your family finds it difficult to be out and about and would welcome a HOME VISIT from someone on the church’s visitation ministry team, please let us know. Contact Pastor Sandy at 857-1113 ext. 114 or