As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.
— Proverbs 27:17

4X4 Small Group Ministries

4x4 Small Groups are all about connecting with others, building relationships and enabling spiritual growth. Each group meets weekly for 90 minutes at a time and place they choose, for 6 to 8 weeks. Meetings consist of checking in with each other, prayer, a scripture reading and reflection questions. Each group will begin with 4 members and will invite up to 4 others to join with them. There is no preparation for the weekly meetings, for members or for the person leading.

You are invited to participate in a 4x4 group, either as a participant or as a "First Friend" by contacting the church office. Savor the richness of God's blessings in a 4x4 small group. Learn together, grow together, experience God together!

First Friend

A "First Friend" is a group member who takes the lead in getting the group started. Specifically, a "First Friend":

  • Chooses a convenient 90 minutes in the week

  • Invites three other people to form a group OR welcomes three people who have expressed interest in the group

  • Encourages group members to take turns leading the group each week (simply leads group through provided questions and keeps meeting to the 90 minutes)

  • Helps the group stay true to the guidelines the church is asking each 4X4 group to follow

  • Holds the group accountable for prayerfully inviting four more people to join


4X4 Small Group Ministries

Read through the Bible Challenge

Starting a Quiet Time



4X4 Small Group Session Guide

A group session guide is provided to each person for use each week. A downloadable copy can be found here.